The 5-Step Process for Running Effective Virtual Meetings

Video call


You’ve just joined the conference call that your colleague set up and are rocking out to some easy listening before others join. Was this thing supposed to be at 10, or 10:15? Pacific, Eastern, London, or Mumbai time zone? Whole minutes pass. Was the meeting supposed to be on this line? Did you enter in the numbers right? You begin to question your calendar and your sanity. Just as you’re about to bail, a voice cuts through, and you’re stuck. Welcome to the seventh circle of (remote) Hell. If you’re a remote worker, you’ve surely been there. None of us enjoy seemingly pointless meetings that run in circles, lacking direction or clear outcomes, yet they continue to plague our schedules. If you’ve shuddered when seeing a calendar invite or have felt that you’ve lost hours you’ll never get back, this post is for you.
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